Rostyslav Brenych is Ukrainian Fashion & Art photographer.
Was born in city of Lviv in 1989 of September.

First interest to photography come in 2009 when he was studing
on second course in Lviv Polytechnic National University and made his first pictures
on film cameras. After some time of practice he also start shoot on digytal format
and applied himself to fashion photography.

Brenych photos are characterized by mostly natural classic fashion
where straight and geometric lines of model poses combinate with
minimalistic locations of urban streets or nature.

He always give more acsent on stylization of proces and creating story concept
of shootings to show the particular features of the models
and reveal they charismatic beauty. During this time,
Rostyslav managed to cooperation with different agencies, brands, fashion magazines,
in Europe and Ukraine.

Based in Barcelona.



Model test Make up/Hair up 20-30 A classic model test includes three-four looks, make up and hairstyle, location preparing, concept development and backstage shooting 2-3 houers
Stylization (3-4) looks
Backstage ph/vid
Editorial Make up/Hair up 30-40 Together, we discuss the concept and choose a style of shooting, select models and locations. Editorial consists of 4 – 8 looks. During the process, we are filming backstage                                                             (Price depends from QTY of looks) 4-5 houers
Stylization (4-8) looks
Backstage ph/vid
Model portfolio Make up/Hair up 60-80 The model portfolio includes development of shooting concept, make-up and hairstyle, choice of location, backstage filming.
It is three different types of shooting, which are divided into two or three days, the first step is a classic model test, the second step is editorial, the third step is a – underwear shooting, or sports style, or a customer choice.
2-3 days – eproximetly 3/4 houers pear day
Backstage ph/vid
Concept /Location
2-3 days of shootings
Make up/Hair up
Look book Concept depends on quantity of work All details of shooting concept, design, styling, make-up, selection of models and locations, quantity of looks are agreed with the customer, considering his needs and wishes.                                                          (Price depends from QTY of looks) depends on quantity of work
Backstage ph/vid
Campaign Make up/Hair up 40-50 We discuss the concept of shooting beforehand, we make selection of models and locations, determine the quantity of looks, type of make-up and hairstyle. Before shooting we try on clothes on model. During the process we are also filming backstage depends on quantity of work
Backstage ph/vid
Concept /Location
Personal 1 Look/ 1 Location/ 1 Person 15-20 Shooting in client’s clothes – one look, one person, one location that will be confirmed before, considering custumer`s wishes. 1-2 houers
About other services, fell free to ask.
The prices indicated for Barcelona. Orders from outside of city a additionally pay for transfer.



1. What it the price for shooting?
– The Price varies depending from difficulty of tasks and type of services.
All details we discuss with every client individualy.
Price for order start from 100 euro.

2. Whear do you work?
– Currently we work in Spain and based in Barcelona.

3. What time it takes to get a ready matterial?
– It depends on the volume of work, avarage from 3 to 7 days.

4. What is included in the coast of the order?
– Stylization, makeup/hair up, concept story, backstage, photographer with assistant.

5. How many photos i will get?
– For example model tests or editorial shooting is from 15 to 30 pictures .

6. Is it possible to make a collaboration with you?

– Yes, we alvays review interesting ideas.

7. Do you work TFP?
– If you think that you have interesting external look,
special charisma and actors skills, contact us.

8. How to order shooting?
– Write a message on email, social network or make a call on phone number from contact menu.

9. How the process is going?
– We meet at confirmed time and date on the location that will be prepared for shooting
in advance. Whole props and team for realization project will be with us.

10. How i can pay for services?
– We work with full or parcial prepaymant.
You can make payment by any system like Visa/Mastercard, SWIFT
or pay in cash before shooting if you make order in Barcelona.